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The Cyprus based Joint Rescue Coordination Center has upgraded drones from C-Astral Aerospace

By Eric Van Rees - 13th January 2021 - 07:13

C-Astral team values new and existing customers equally.

However, the existing, seasoned operator has a unique and distinctive feature. They know the system, all the pros and the cons: and a customer coming back for an upgrade of operational system is one of the best positive affirmations a company could wish for.

The Cyprus based Joint Rescue Coordination Center has been operating Bramor C4EYE for more than 4 years. The scenarios of their SAR missions call for aerial surveillance on both land and sea. Having discussed the customer CONOPS(Concept Of Operations) in comparison to our organic development the customer recognized and confirmed the system enhancement in order to achieve even better results. The GCS of the system is integrated into their mobile van as a rapidly deployable tactical operations centre. The initial objective of the project was the customers intent to extend the optical surveillance beyond their existing network of the stationary vessel traffic surveillance system.

C-Astral engineers upgraded the legacy system to the latest EO/IR payload EYEX HD2 and enhanced the communications to new digital IP link extending their ranges up to 50km LOS. The system now truly provides a multirole platform covering SAR, naval traffic control and fire surveillance.

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