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The City of Edinopolis Opens its Doors to the World

By [email protected] - 20th November 2017 - 11:38

The people of Scotland woke up today to discover a large landmass off the eastern coast of Edinburgh. Within hours people have been lining the coast to get their first site of the unexpected visitor, now understood to be the Smart City of Edinopolis.

Edinopolis, the world’s first purpose built floating-island city and future-living space has opened its doors to the world to show how the implementation of geospatial technology and innovation can improve people’s lives and the environment they live within.

The island was built a couple of decades from now in the North Sea outside of the Firth of Forth. It is almost fifty miles from the Edinburgh base of Brainnwave, the experts in geospatial data and data driven solutions, who were the key consultants during the design, construction and ongoing management of the island.

The Designers of the City of Edinopolis have taken the very best and latest technology and implemented it in a near-real world environment. In some of the case-studies the technology hasn’t even been invented yet!

Like other revolutionary and experimental living projects, the innovative technologies that are everyday in Edinopolis will provide examples and ideas to other cities, rural communities and countries, which they can take and implement to the benefit of their own citizens.

When asked how her City Island can help people around the world, Premier Minister Elaine Glovehandle explained;

“Geospatial technology is key to the success of our island nation; in a limited space we have created an environment that is centred around every single individual who lives within Edinopolis and ensures that services and their community revolves around them. It is such a difficult balance to strike but with the right data, technology, and implementation expertise, you will see how my wonderful team has pulled it off.”

The Edinopolis consultants at Brainnwave are inviting individuals and interested parties to get involved with the project.

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