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The Asia Defence Expo & Conferences Series

By Eric Van Rees - 31st October 2019 - 07:58

The Asia Defence Expo & Conferences Series is a leading defence and military exhibition focused specifically on trends and opportunities within the Asia Pacific region. The local environment and conditions pose unique challenges to defence in this part of the world. Frequent natural disasters require a well-developed and efficient disaster response process, for example. Tropical waters impact platform performance and design requirements. Climate, geography, and regional politics inform training operations.

ADECS 2020 provides the perfect platform to connect key local government officials with the wider defence community, and enables companies to showcase their latest technologies, solutions and systems. It is also host to three conferences that discuss solutions, strategies and incoming trends that will impact and inform regional military defence planning.


Military leaders are increasingly turning to modelling and simulation (M&S) for a number of applications, ranging from the analysis of doctrine and plans through to more efficient and cost-effective training. M&S usage is set to grow with the advance of new technologies in hardware and software. As equipment costs fall, highly detailed and customized simulations solutions have become readily available from a range of advanced suppliers. Military end users can now provide a full range of immersive M&S scenarios, supporting everything from mission rehearsals to live fire exercises.

In 2020, the Military Training & Simulation Conference (MilSim) Asia will focus heavily on uses of different types of simulated training, ranging from fully immersive to a balanced live-virtual approach. When designing training simulations for urban combat and crisis response, what models and tools deliver the outcomes required? How can AI be utilised to develop constructive simulation and support decision making?

Top speakers from last year’s conference included:

  • Brigadier Mark Brewer, Director General Australia – Singapore Military Training Initiative, Australian Army
  • Mr Ngee Poon, Deputy Director, Centre for Skills Transformation, Home Team Academy
  • Ms See Pei Jun, Senior Executive, Training Systems Branch, Joint Training Centre, Singapore Government


The growth in investment in subsea technology has been a key factor in defence planning in the Asia Pacific region over the last decade. There are new entrants to the submarine operating environment, and those with established capability are seeking upgraded or enhanced platforms.

In 2020, the Undersea Defence Technology Conference (UDT) Asia will concentrate on the role of autonomous vehicles in MCM and ASW capabilities, plus improvements in boundary cooperation and information sharing.

Top speakers from last year’s conference included:

  • Prof Dr Hasjim Djalal, Advisor to the Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs & Fisheries and to the Indonesian Naval Chief of Staff, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies
  • Commodore Paul Hornsby, Autonomous Systems Lead and Director Autonomous Warrior 2018, Royal Australian Navy
  • Captain (ROK Retd) Sukjoon Yoon, Senior Fellow, Korea Insititute for Military Affairs


Against a backdrop of rapidly advancing capabilities and growing geo-political tension, EW Asia returns in 2020 to explore the future of EW and EM Operations in current and emerging threats. These include the disruption of battlefield and satellite communications, the vulnerability of RCIEDs, and developments in tracking capabilities. Mastery of this developing warfare domain would mean dominance over all others for, in the EW and EM spectrums, you are only as strong as your weakest link.

The conference is produced by the Association of Old Crows, the leading association for individuals and organisations with common interests in Electronic Warfare, bringing together expert speakers from the military, government, academia and industry.

Top speakers from last year’s conference included:

  • Air Marshal Daljit Singh (Retd) Former Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Air Defence) and Director General (Air Operations), Indian Air Force, India
  • Jeff Malone, Senior Analyst, Theatre Operations Analysis Group, Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence, Australia
  • Colonel John Edwards Commander 28th Bomber Wing, US

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