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Tetra Tech Expands Their RIEGL Mobile LiDAR Fleet as their new VMX-2HA Increases Their Reach on the West Coast

By Eric Van Rees - 20th July 2023 - 15:38

Tetra Tech has been utilizing RIEGL LiDAR since 2019 for the high precision and efficiency it provides, and they have now added another Mobile unit to their portfolio, the RIEGL VMX-2HA Mobile Mapping System.

This addition to their fleet of 3D technology in the Geomatics Division expands their scope of work on the West Coast due to increasing project demand in that region.

Bret Bienkowski, Tetra Tech Mobile Mapping Survey Manager stated: “As Tetra Tech continues to expand our operations on the West Coast, the need for an additional Mobile System is evident now more than ever.”

As a leading global provider of consulting and engineering services, Tetra Tech relies on RIEGL technology to provide innovative technical solutions to their clients. The combination of RIEGL’s Ultimate LiDARTM hardware paired with the robustness and ease of registration with the software, RiSCAN PRO and RiPROCESS, allows for continuing advancement in their workflows.

RIEGL USA’s Mobile Division Manager stated: “Tetra Tech's addition of the VMX-2HA to their mobile collection systems will enable them to meet the needs of their Western based clients, especially with their large area collections.”

On the road with Current and Upcoming Projects
Tetra Tech has seen continuous growth in their project portfolios that are requesting Mobile mapping solutions. From DOT projects throughout the country to large scale municipal projects, the value of mobile mapping data collection is becoming more and more widespread. They currently have mobile mapping projects going on in 4 states locally and 2 projects out of the country that they are using their platforms to support.

Future growth and amplifying possibilities
With LiDAR, the possibilities are endless and RIEGL strives to push the needle further in technological advancements every day. Tetra Tech’s investments into their equipment portfolio highlights how they are prioritizing client needs and ensuring the best possible data collections on projects to the West Coast and beyond. The future is bright for developing ever growing opportunities for Tetra Tech and RIEGL’s continuing innovation in 3D.

About the RIEGL VMX-2HA

This high accuracy survey-grade mobile mapping system provides users with the ability to collect 3.6 million points a second and keep spacing between lines under 5 inches at 70mph. This complete system allows for unrivaled imagery quality to be collected for many applications at once or permission requirement. A smooth workflow and high-quality results make data from the VMX-2HA an instant request from engineers and surveyors worldwide.

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