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Telespazio and e-GEOS, in collaboration with National Geographic Italia, present the Love Planet Earth 2021 Calendar

By Eric Van Rees - 7th January 2021 - 07:25

The big questions that form the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for the UN’s 2030 Agenda, such as desertification, the lack of water, and pollution caused by the use of plastic, presented by means of the beauty of satellite images and the power of fine art photography.

These make up Love Planet Earth 2021, Telespazio’s and e-GEOS’s Calendar that, in its thirteenth edition boasts the prestigious involvement of National Geographic Italia.

The Love Planet Earth 2021 Calendar is only the first of a series of initiatives to be dedicated to Telespazio’s Sixty Years in business. The Company was founded at the dawn of the space age in 1961, and these initiatives will follow on from one another throughout the year. Over the coming twelve months this Leonardo Company will recount its past, interwoven with the history of space in Italy, Europe and around the World, but above all its idea of the future, based on focussing on sustainability and the constant drive for innovation.

In the 2021 edition, it is by no mere chance that the Love Planet Earth Calendar deals with “Sustainability and development: reconcilable necessities for the Planet’s future”, and offers a reflection on the major goals set by the UN’s 2030 Agenda. Matters such as the search for an alternative to plastic, respecting biodiversity, sustainable mobility, and the need for cities to be more green, are dealt with month after month by means of a pair of images: one by a satellite provided by e-GEOS, a Company set up by Telespazio and the Italian Space Agency, and the other by National Geographic Italia.

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