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Teledyne FLIR Announces Version 3.0 Release of Research Studio

By Eric Van Rees - 2nd May 2023 - 04:58

Teledyne FLIR announced the version 3.0 release of FLIR Research Studio software, with new features to address your key needs in electronics design, high-speed testing, target signature, and many other advanced applications.

While still providing all the recording and analysis capabilities you expect from a premium thermal analysis software, Research Studio now makes it easier than ever to quickly characterize important thermal data to support critical decisions.

Research Studio provides you with a simplified process for viewing, recording, and analyzing camera data and collaborating with colleagues with the following new and improved features:

  • Pull data from multiple cameras, recordings, or images to create custom analysis
  • Trigger recordings based on regions of interest
  • Create custom user calibrations and user non-uniformity corrections
  • Calculate emissivity
  • Support for an unmatched portfolio of FLIR cameras
  • Floating camera controller

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