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Teledyne FLIR Adds New Boson+ Thermal Resolution Options, Radiometry, and MIPI Interface Simplifying Embedded System Integration

By Eric Van Rees - 4th April 2023 - 05:26

20-mK-sensitivity Boson+ with 640x512 and 320x256 resolutions is ideal for unmanned platforms, security applications, handhelds, wearables, and thermal sights.

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, announced the expansion of the Boson+ thermal camera module product line with twenty-four compact models featuring 320 x 256 resolution. Radiometry, the ability to take the temperature of every pixel, as well as both MIPI and CMOS interfaces are now also available on all resolutions. With these updates and a thermal sensitivity of 20 millikelvin (mK) or less, Boson+ is the most sensitive longwave infrared (LWIR) camera line in the market and is ideal for integration in unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), automotive, wearables, security applications, handhelds, and thermal sights.

Made in the USA, the Boson+ features 640 x 512 and now 320 x 256 resolutions utilizing the latest 12-micron pixel pitch thermal detector within a size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimized package. The noise equivalent differential temperature (NEDT) of 20 mK or less offers enhanced detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) performance, especially in low-contrast and low-visibility environments. With improved automatic gain control (AGC) and video latency compared to previous iterations of Boson, the Boson+ delivers dramatically enhanced scene contrast and sharpness while improving tracking, seeker performance, and decision support.

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