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TDI-Brooks Completes Shallow Water Geotechnical Coring Project Off Us East Coast

By Eric Van Rees - 6th July 2023 - 06:21

Avangrid has awarded TDI-Brooks a shallow water geotechnical site investigation survey at block OCSA-0508 also known as Kitty Hawk Wind.

The data collected will inform the design of the export cable and inter-array packages.

The scope of work includes utilizing a TDI-Brooks’ owned Datum Neptune 5K (pCPT) at 155 sites and a newly-designed TDI-Brooks pneumatic vibracorer (pVC) at 80 sites. The pVC is a light weight (4,600-lb in air), high power vibracorer and has been successfully deployed on the US East Coast >200 times for offshore wind farm (OSWF) projects. The pVC can be used for cores up to 6-m in length (and down to 9-m or 12-m with frame extension). Upon completion of the geotechnical vibracoring, all samples are sent to the TDI-Brooks’ ISO-certified geotechnical and environmental laboratories in College Station, Texas for testing. TDI-Brooks operates from a local port off Bridgeport, CT and plans to utilize the RV Marcelle Bordelon, a short-term vessel of opportunity. The fieldwork is expected to be completed by mid-July.

With each offshore wind project carried out, the operator contracts representation from the local fishery organization to accompany the survey. This representative is onboard during the duration of the survey to ensure communication and coordination takes place with the local fishermen. The fishery representation ensures the survey vessel remains clear from all fishing gear and fishing areas. In addition to a fishery presentative, a Protected Species Observer (PSO) is deployed to support industry and academic marine activities by conducting monitoring onboard the vessel to minimize any potential impacts on species encountered.

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