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TDI-Brooks Completes Geotechnical Survey In The Gulf Of Campeche, Mexico

By Eric Van Rees - 20th February 2024 - 09:01

TDI-Brooks, as a subcontractor of Drebbel de Mexico out of Cd. del Carmen, successfully and safely completed a geotechnical coring campaign.

TDI-Brooks deployed it’s geotechnical coring tools and operators on the Laguana Azul. A total of one-hundred fifty-eight (158) gravity CPT’s (gCPT´s) and eight (8) T-Bar´s in three (3) pipeline corridors was performed.

The TDI-Brooks suite of innovative geotechnical tools is specifically tailored for soil sampling and measurement purposes. This includes a wide range of equipment such as box corers (BC), piston corers (PC), gravity corers (GC), jumbo piston corers (JPC), vibracorers (VC/pVC), cyclic t-bar instrument (TBAR), deep-reaching Shelby tube samplers (SPLR), and piezocone penetrometers, including our CPT-Stinger and Gravity CPT tools (gCPT). In addition to their offshore geotechnical sampling tool kits, TDI-Brooks also offers soil testing services through their in-house geotechnical laboratory.

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