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TDI-Brooks Adds Datem Neptune 5000 Cpt To Geotechnical Capabilities

By Eric Van Rees - 2nd March 2022 - 09:40

In the Summer of 2021, TDI-Brooks took delivery of a Neptune 5000 (N5K) CPT System from Datem.

TDI-Brooks conducted two (2) projects with this tool on the East Coast of the US in 2021. The first program was conducted in October for and Offshore Wind Farm project. It involved the acquisition of approximately ninety (90) PCPTs. The N5K CPT soundings for this project were acquired with a 5 cm2 cone and achieved up to 5-m penetration in these mostly sand/gravel seafloors.

The second program was conducted in November for a pipeline design installation. For this program over sixty (60) N5K CPT soundings were acquired using both 5 and 10 cm2 cones. Most of these sites were 5-m pushes but others were up to 10-m pushes in a variety of sediment types from soft to sandy seafloors. This program also included some CPT pore pressure dissipation tests at selected sites. Both programs also included vibracoring (VC) with a Feritech FT550 and box core (BC) acquisition to support the environmental evaluation of the seafloors along the routes. One of the programs also involved seabed ROV and camera reconnaissance. Following completion of these geotechnical campaigns, TDI-Brooks shipped the soil samples back to their certified soil testing laboratory in College Station, Texas for the post-survey onshore testing and completion of factual testing reports.

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