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Swift Navigation and Calian Partner to Simplify Integration of Precise Positioning into Location-Based Products

By Eric Van Rees - 27th June 2024 - 14:09

The combination of Calian’s Smart GNSS Antennas and Swift’s Skylark Precise Positioning Service offers developers a plug-and-play way to integrate GNSS precision

Swift Navigation, a provider of precise positioning technologies for automotive, IoT, and mobile applications, and Calian Group, a provider of innovative solutions in GNSS technologies, announced their partnership to drastically streamline the integration of precise positioning into location-based products across industries.

Autonomous vehicles and robots are complex and costly to build. Developers need to integrate advanced hardware and software, do extensive testing and validation, maintain complex infrastructure, and calibrate diverse components and systems to ensure seamless compatibility.

Calian and Swift today introduced a solution: Calian’s fully integrated GNSS hardware working seamlessly with Swift’s Skylark Precise Positioning Service.

By combining the antenna, receiver, and positioning engine into a single enclosure, Calian significantly simplifies the GNSS part of the hardware architecture, allowing system integrators to focus on their core expertise and reducing development costs. Calian’s smart antennas are available in a ceramic patch design, based on its patented Tallysman Accutenna technology, ideal for stationary or vehicle-mounted applications, such as precise navigation, enhanced driver safety, and robotics. They also offer a helical form factor, perfect for portable and lightweight devices where size, weight, and durability are critical, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and wearables.

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