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Surrey Police and Sussex Police invest in Trimble X7 Laser Scanning technology

By Eric Van Rees - 1st October 2021 - 12:05

KOREC is pleased to announce that it has delivered nine Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanners to Surrey Police and Sussex Police to assist in the reconstruction of serious injury and fatal collisions.

The nine new X7 laser scanners will replace each county’s older technology and increase the number of instruments available to the Forensic Collision Investigation Unit (FCIU). All front line FCIU vehicles will now be equipped to attend incidents. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of any delays in getting a laser scanner transported to a scene which in turn reduces the duration of road closures as well as allowing the unit to deal with multiple incidents at any one time.

Surrey Police and Sussex Police believe that 3D Laser Scanning is the most effective method to quickly and efficiently collect all relevant evidence at a scene as well as providing the opportunity to ‘revisit’ a scene if new information or evidence becomes available.

KOREC has enjoyed a long and informative relationship with the UK’s police and was delighted to work with Surrey Police and Sussex Police on their transition to the lighter and more technically advanced Trimble X7, an instrument which is perfectly equipped to deal with the tight time constraints and rigours of this type of survey operation.

Dan Pitcher, head of the Forensic Collision Investigations Unit for Surrey Police and Sussex Police, explains.

“We only get one chance to capture the evidence required from a scene, and it’s vital that we get it right. Being able to accurately and reliably collect this data will help us to submit timely reports for the purposes of court cases or inquests, and the new kit will be more cost effective in the long run. It also reduces the strain on other motorists impacted by road closures.”

Chief Inspector Pip Taylor, of Surrey Police and Sussex Police Operations, said: “Our investment of this cutting edge technology demonstrates our ongoing commitment to keeping people safe on our roads and taking action against those who compromise the safety of themselves and other road users. The new equipment will prove invaluable in helping to bring offenders to justice, and providing answers to questions from bereaved families who tragically lose their loved ones in collisions on our roads.”

The sale of the X7’s was facilitated by KOREC Regional Director Barry Monk who said: “The strength of this solution lies not just with the Trimble X7 but also the Trimble Forensic Reveal software. This software provides Surrey Police and Sussex Police with the power to verify, understand and produce information to support the outcome of a case.”

Surrey Police and Sussex Police invest in Trimble X7 Laser Scanning technology

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