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‘Surf’s Up’ at OceanTech 2021 – Asia sees ocean business solutions demonstrated live in Zhoushan China

By Eric Van Rees - 9th November 2020 - 07:40

Sensing opportunities at Asia’s premier ocean technology conference

China’s premier oceanic engineering campus– Ocean College of Zhejiang University --will welcome the China Ocean Technology Conference for its 5th edition from May 19 to 21, 2021 (Zhejiang University online announcement - Chinese).

Over 600 leading oceanographers, systems architects and engineers attending from throughout China will gather in Zhoushan for this biennial conference anchoring OceanTech 2021.

The OceanTech 2021 program is unmatched in Asia. It is purposely created for live demos, training and exhibits to address a spectrum of contemporary marine challenges stemming from the global effort to fully explore, understand, chart and sustainably utilize the world’s ocean.

As we see these challenges being met with evolving marine technologies incorporating ever increasing degrees of autonomy and machine learning applicable to every possible endeavor, experts at the conference will be concentrating on:

* Sensors and observation technologies

* Underwater communication, positioning and navigation technologies

* Smart ocean technologies

* New concepts submersible technology

* Ocean energy technology

* Ocean operations technology

* Modern ocean ranching technology

* Polar ocean technology

* Ocean hydrodynamics and propulsion technologies

As an OceanTech tradition, demo spots are being created to reflect these advancements, using world class laboratory facilities on campus and in the surrounding waters. International and Chinese suppliers and system integrators are working together to surf and dive into the opportunities in Asia’s growth markets.

Katherine Lee at Together Expo Ltd will be around to take the demo bookings. (Tel: +852 2881 5889 [email protected])

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