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STRYDE technology chosen by Geopartner Geofizyka for one of the largest onshore EU O&G seismic surveys in recent years

By Eric Van Rees - 8th June 2023 - 08:56

Global onshore seismic experts, STRYDE, has secured a contract to supply more than 20,000 seismic receiver nodes to enable one of Europe’s largest oil and gas exploration projects in Poland.

Geopartner Geofizyka, the geophysical survey company, has invested a six-figure sum into STRYDE’s equipment as part of a 3D seismic survey for oil field exploration and development programme by a major Polish oil and gas operator.

Seismic acquisition of the 300km2 area, which is being tipped as one of Europe’s largest oil and gas developments, is due to be completed in May 2023 and marks the second time that the company has invested in STRYDE’s innovative and nimble technology, having previously purchased 1,500 nodes for another project in August 2022.

STRYDE’s nodal technology will be used to perform a high-density 3D seismic data acquisition working alongside vibroseis trucks that will provide the source technology to send seismic signals into the ground that reflect off various rock formations underground, which are then measured and recorded by STRYDE Nodes and processed into an image that can be interpreted by geologists.

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