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STRYDE launches integrated in-field data processing service for faster decision-making

By Eric Van Rees - 24th August 2023 - 08:07

STRYDE, a global provider of seismic acquisition technology and solutions, has unveiled its new, novel integrated in-field data processing service, STRYDE Lens.

This innovative solution is tailored to offer expedited access to interpretation-ready subsurface images, facilitating quicker decision-making.

Coming just a little over a year following the introduction of the firm's data processing service, this solution for onshore subsurface data acquisition empowers clients with the fastest conceivable access to their seismic images. By processing the data at its source, companies can now attain subsurface insights in record time.

This advancement enables businesses to accelerate their investment-related choices pertaining to the subsurface domain. Furthermore, operators can utilize the data to enhance their comprehension of survey design, adjusting it in real-time during the seismic acquisition project to achieve unparalleled imaging outcomes.

Raw seismic data that is acquired by seismic recording devices in the field is notoriously complex and it can take months or even years to process it into a reliable image of the subsurface that can be understood.

With STRYDE Lens, processing sequences can commence as soon as sufficient data is acquired, eliminating the necessity to wait until the seismic survey concludes as well as allowing the processing to get a head start in defining processing parameters for the final deliverables. This utilisation of the solution significantly shortens end-to-end seismic project timelines, resulting in substantial time and cost savings for clients, amounting to weeks or even months.

The solution operates in harmony with STRYDE's seismic recording devices and data acquisition system and works for the vast majority of seismic acquisition projects. It transforms the STRYDE acquisition system into a state-of-the-art, remotely accessible processing environment, allowing STRYDE’s processing team to execute in-field or in-country processing seamlessly.

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