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Strategic cooperation: BARTHAUER software installed at RIWA

By [email protected] - 27th May 2016 - 08:43

BARTHAUER and RIWA agree to a strategic cooperation. Initially, the software developed by BARTHAUER will be installed at the Amberg site for preparing maps of sewage/drainage systems. In the medium term, the resolving of other tasks in the area of drainage management is being planned using BARTHAUER software.

RIWA GmbH, which has its registered office in Kempten and operates out of three further locations in Bavaria, is an integrated IT service provider in the field of Geoinformation. Included in this specialised field are the registration, visualising, updating and management of geodata. With its RIWA GIS Centre, RIWA offers a high performing, web-based geographic information system. This is already being used in numerous local government administrations and industrial operations throughout Bavaria. An important area of activity of RIWA GmbH also relates to the planning and renovation of drainage systems. In this respect, employees and partners are currently still using the sewage application modules of other software producers. However, in the medium term, a change over to BARTHAUER software is planned.

Using the BaSYS network information system, BARTHAUER provides comprehensive software for the management of pipeline systems. It offers corresponding workload reductions for all operating and management tasks. In order to optimise the performance portfolio of RIWA, RIWA and BARTHAUER agreed to a strategic cooperation in January 2015.

With the aim of comparing the functionalities of the various application modules as the basis for a decision, a joint workshop was held in March 2015 when all of the questions and outstanding issues of both parties were able to be satisfactorily answered. Further system tests were conducted in June 2015. The employees and partners tested the BaSYS integrated sewage application modules for the areas of planning management and operation. After the positive outcome of the test findings and internal coordination, RIWA decided to use BARTHAUER software in November 2015.

The BaSYS network information system will come into use for the drawing up of sewer registers at the new location in Amber. The use of BARTHAUER Software is also planned for other tasks in the field of sewage/drainage management in the medium term.

By way of a summary, Jürgen Barthauer, Managing Director of Barthauer Software GmbH, says: “The strategic cooperation with RIWA enables the use of our sewage/drainage application module through the RIWA GIS Centre. Employees, partners and customers will enjoy the benefits of the comprehensive functional capabilities. We are very pleased that our solutions have turned out to be convincing so that we can be in a position to provide further innovative services with RIWA”.

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