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SSE Chooses Martek Aviation to Inspect 683 Wind Turbines

By [email protected] - 25th January 2018 - 11:00

Following successful wind turbine blade inspections at Sheringham Shoal, Martek Aviation have been awarded a 2-year Framework Contract with SSE Plc to inspect their 683 wind turbines across 47 sites throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

The Framework Contract, starting next month, covers inspection of a variety of wind turbines, each with 3 blades, from a range of manufacturers. It’s an engineering requirement to inspect and maintain the operating efficiency and integrity of the turbine blades and Martek Aviation will ensure this is met through its’ inspection methods.

Inspections will be conducted using a specially designed Octocopter package for offshore wind turbine inspections to complete the Framework Contract. This package is paired with custom software designed for data collection and analysis of the wind turbine blades.

Martek Aviation is differentiated in the market on speed and accuracy of data collected. A typical turbine inspection team could inspect 3-4 turbines per day, with 1 turbines data processed per day. In comparison, Martek can inspect a minimum of 10 turbines a day and report data on up to 25 a day without detriment to the amount or quality of data collected.

This latest contract shows how operators, like SSE, are beginning to move away from traditional manned inspection methods having realised their inefficiency, expense and risk to personnel.

Martek Aviation is pioneering the transformation from these methods to UAS inspections by eliminating the risk to personnel and creating an effective and streamlined data collection process.

Paul Luen, CEO at Martek Group said:
“This is the 3rd major Framework Contract we now hold which confirms our position at the forefront of UAS service provision. It’s no co-incidence that the application of manned aviation quality culture, standards & procedures continues as a key strategic differentiator of our business, helping us win major contracts. 2018 will deliver massive growth in our business.”

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