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SPH & Pix4D reinvent spatial data management for enterprises

By Eric Van Rees - 3rd January 2024 - 08:21

SPH Engineering and Pix4D collaborate to secure data protection for construction, mining, and energy companies seeking on-premise options

Pix4D and SPH Engineering have joined forces to develop a collaborative solution for spatial data management. Driven by their shared commitment to seamless spatial data management, the joint solution leverages the powerful DroneGIS (previously ATLAS) platform. This system is engineered to handle vast data storage, including images, orthophotos, DEMs, point clouds, 2D/3D designs, and annotations.

Significantly, the DroneGIS solution is integrated with the PIX4D Engine SDK for photogrammetric processing. This means that companies can now efficiently manage multiple photogrammetry tasks across a shared multi-user environment, allowing them to easily distribute results to both internal and external stakeholders. Moreover, the solution's modular design supports custom AI extensions for in-depth data analysis.

With a focus on flexibility, the partnership offers a solution that can be deployed on private cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. It is also compatible with physical hardware setups for those who prefer tangible infrastructure.

The solution’s white-label design not only aligns with a given company’s branding, but also offers a cost-effective alternative. This allows companies to avoid the daunting and expensive process of creating a custom data management platform from scratch. It also places a strong emphasis on data protection, ensuring that data boundaries are not breached by complying with company and country-specific regulations. Additionally, it guarantees that data remains within the corporate network.

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