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SPH Engineering presents Drone Show Software 4.3, elevating Drone Shows to new heights

By Eric Van Rees - 28th March 2024 - 16:50

SPH Engineering, a global expert in drone technology development, announced the release of its latest Drone Show Software update, version 4.3.

This update introduces cutting-edge features to streamline preflight processes, enhance map visualization and sharing capabilities, and improve operational efficiency for drone professionals worldwide.

Key Features of Drone Show Software 4.3:

New Preflight Summary Window
This innovative feature provides a compact yet comprehensive view of preflight readiness, allowing operators to assess their drone’s status quickly and efficiently. With this addition, users can ensure that all systems behave correctly before takeoff, minimizing potential issues and maximizing flight success.

3D Map Elevation Rendering
Update 4.3 takes mapping and surveying to a new dimension with its 3D map elevation rendering capability. This feature enables users to visualize terrain in unprecedented detail, facilitating more accurate pre-show siting, planning, simulation, and monitoring during the show.

Enhanced Import and Export Client Component Settings
In response to the growing need for customizable and transferable drone configurations, Drone Show Software has introduced the ability to import and export client component settings. This includes general options, a preflight checklist, group settings, dance settings, fleet configuration, and drone parameters. In distributed and large teams, one particularly advantageous aspect is eliminating the need to reconfigure all settings from scratch when installing new versions or reinstalling the current version. Users can now effortlessly transfer settings between different machines running DSS, ensuring consistency and efficiency in operations.

Capability to Export Dance Scene to KML
Operators can now export the georeferenced Dance Scene, including the Dance Area and fences, to KML format. This allows for easy sharing and collaboration, opening up new possibilities for Drone Show providers to produce more creative expression and event planning. Also, KML allows for more convenient map creation when show operators must file flight plans beforehand to obtain permission from local authorities.

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