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Spanish Regional Authorities Continue to Trust Globalstar and SPOT to Safeguard Fire Fighters

By Eric Van Rees - 12th January 2022 - 14:58

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services announced that two regional administrations in Spain have extended their agreements to deploy SPOT satellite devices to protect firefighters.

INFOCA, the administrative authority for forest and wildfire management, a department of the Junta de Andalucía, has extended its agreement with specialist fire management technology provider Technosylva, whose solution for the authority is enabled by Globalstar’s satellite network and 550 SPOT satellite messengers. Andalusia’s INFOCA is one of the largest fire authorities in Europe with 5,000 response personnel to cover this expansive region in southern Spain.

Announced in 2020, this deployment was fast-tracked due to the pandemic. INFOCA urgently needed a far-reaching and reliable tracking system to monitor firefighters as Spain dealt with outbreaks. Together with other first responders, INFOCA engaged in extensive activities to protect the public, such as deploying fire equipment for disinfection operations. Thanks to the pre-integration and smooth inter-operation between fiResponse™ and SPOT, Technosylva completed the project in a matter of weeks.

In neighbouring Castilla La Mancha, the regional authority has extended its agreement with Technosylva for its solution, also based on SPOT technology. The authority first began to deploy SPOT Gen3 devices in July 2015 to track and protect firefighters as they battle wildfires in the vast area. More recently, SPOT Gen4, the newest addition to the SPOT device family, is being introduced.

Technosylva provides sophisticated fire behaviour analysis and management software for customers worldwide. Thanks to its technology, fire operations teams can precisely track firefighters’ locations in real-time with a user-friendly display via the Technosylva fiResponse platform, a wildfire decision support system.

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