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Solent project considers what to do with dredged sediment

By [email protected] - 15th November 2017 - 12:36

Recognising that local stakeholders are keen to use more of the sediment that is dredged in the Solent beneficially, ABPmer has been commissioned by the Solent Forum to explore opportunities for doing this in the region.

Drawing on lessons learned from implemented beneficial use projects, ABPmer’s project team is developing a set of high level criteria to assess sites where dredged sediment could be used.

The project will also develop a network of interested parties and stakeholders from across the region as well as nationally to understand the opportunities and barriers to sediment re-use.

Colin Scott, adapting coastlines specialist at ABPmer said “This study was borne out of a strong desire amongst Solent Forum members to see dredged sediments more effectively used. Not only to enhance intertidal habitats but also to provide wider benefits such as improved coastal protection.”

“ABPmer is a strong advocate for beneficial use, last year we ran a successful national beneficial use conference which showcased project examples and discussed ways forward. With the Solent being right on our doorstep this project is a perfect fit for us.”

The outputs from this initial scoping exercise will identify a beneficial use site (or selection of project locations) that the Solent Forum and its partners can consider further.

ABPmer is a recognised specialist in working with nature. The company designs managed realignments, sediment recharge and other projects that work with natural processes to provide sensitive, sustainable and valuable solutions.

They have recently published a White Paper that reviews the range of different techniques that have been employed for previous habitat restorations and considers the fees they have incurred.

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