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Soar to Offer Atmosoar’s Revolutionary Weather Forecasting Technology

By [email protected] - 22nd August 2018 - 13:46

With the signing of a partnership memorandum with Hong Kong and Italyâ—âbased Atmosoar, Soar users will soon be able to get hyper-local weather forecasts over the Soar platform.

With weather a key factor in planning and executing safe drone flights, Atmosoar’s high-resolution weather forecasting and AI-enhanced flight safety dashboards will ensure Soar users can make the most of their time in the air, minimizing downtime and potential damages to people and equipment. This partnership will allow Soar to show the full capabilities of not only delivering drone content over the platform but adding 3rd party services for users. For Atmosoar, this will expand their service channels and grow the user base for their unique drone weather services.

Soar’s unique platform for crowdsourcing drone content built on the Ethereum blockchain will not only provide new ways for drone operators to monetise content, but will also become a new channel for drone related services. Incorporating Atmosoar’s services is only the first in a number of planned services that will be offered over the Soar platform. With the signing of the memorandum, Soar and Atmosoar will collaborate on the technical integration and marketing of the services with implementation expected in Q1 2019.

Atmosoar dashboard showing wind forecast
“The Soar main net is quickly gaining momentum and now is the ideal time for looking at the future services that will be available over Soar” said Soar CEO, Amir Farhand. “Our alliance with Atmosoar is only one of the great opportunities where Soar will be working with innovative companies for drone services across the planet. Their solution in fact, should be used by every drone operator.”

“We’re very excited about this new partnershipâ—âas more people turn to unmanned platforms for their data needs, we strongly believe that drone operators need all the help they can get to fly safe,” said Michele Travierso, CEO of Atmosoar. “Our company has its roots in glidingâ—âmany of us are glider pilots. Our flight safety dashboard takes very high resolution weather data, and checks it against the desired flight plan, suggesting drone pilots when and where to fly, avoiding dangers.”

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