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Smarter Mobility Europe LIVE

By Eric Van Rees - 26th June 2020 - 05:52

Generation.e not only pioneers smarter mobility around the world, but it is also opening the road to new business practices adapted to a disrupted environment.

They are hearing the call to get back to meaningful and impactful conference time-investments, with three key goals: learn cutting edge insights, meet industry peers, and explore new business leads.

These are the objectives of Smarter Mobility Europe LIVE on 1-3 July. Over the course of three full days, the event will offer an unrivalled digital experience. Thanks to a mix of diversified session formats, specific networking, interaction features, and together with exclusive gifts, this mobility summit will virtually replicate the triggers that excite us in reality.

Each of these formats will not only entertain you but also propose different angles to explore the latest smart mobility (r)evolutions.

Your ticket will also give you access to innovative features to engage with the mobility community:

  • Exclusive networking with selected speakers as well as all delegates for confidential virtual coffee chats;
  • Meet start-ups at their digital booth in the exhibition area to discover their solution and discuss business opportunities;
  • Get your elevator pitch prepared for private speed networking sessions during which you will randomly meet industry peers;
  • Keep the discussion going after a presentation with the speaker you want to engage with.

Finally, Generation.e won’t let you leave the summit with empty hands. They want to pamper you with exclusive gifts. Enjoy free yoga classes from Harmonise Yoga and read top notch insights in the research “Being Driven” from our Knowledge Partner Neckermann Strategic Advisors.

So, Generation.e won’t be able to replicate the smell of the coffee and pastries. But SME LIVE will offer you a highly qualitative conference experience making the most out of your time while comfortably staying at your place without being bothered with suitcases running around.

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