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SkyWatch and AgIntegrated to Work Together to Bring Earth Observation Satellite Data to the Agriculture Industry

By Eric Van Rees - 25th June 2020 - 06:27

With the ever-increasing need for remotely sensed imagery data in agriculture, SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (SkyWatch) has formed a unique joint program with AgIntegrated Inc. (AGI).

SkyWatch is on a mission to make Earth observation data more accessible to companies and developers.

This alliance means that AgIntegrated will become the premier collaborator of SkyWatch when it comes to agricultural-based integrations due to AGI's many years and experience with agnostic API development for the precision ag industry and beyond. "When we met with SkyWatch, we learned how similar our business models were and it just made sense to work together to help solve some of the many challenges that have plagued agriculture when it comes to getting imagery data," says Mike Santostefeno of AGI.

What makes SkyWatch unique is that it solves a long-standing problem when it comes to getting imagery data from multiple satellite sources. They do this by eliminating large minimum data purchases from sources for end-clients, allowing SkyWatch's clients to buy just the Area of Interest (AOI) they want as small as 0.1 km . SkyWatch also allows its clients to task high-resolution satellite data for the future as well as request archival data from previous satellite data collections.

Currently, SkyWatch connects to ESA, NASA/USGS, Planet, SIIS, Space View, and 21AT, with new providers added soon. This data covers all resolutions needed for Ag from sub-meter to 10m and higher. Graham Stickler, SkyWatch's Chief Marketing Officer, mentions, "We've tried to stay agnostic in our approach of helping others connect to multiple providers in the simplest way possible. We also are not agriculture experts nor want to be. Talking with AGI, it was clear we should work together as they had robust experience and connections in the entire Ag industry."

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