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Skynopy raises $3.1 M to bring a simple and seamless connectivity for Low Earth Orbit satellites

By Eric Van Rees - 1st July 2024 - 04:56

Skynopy, a Paris-based space start-up specialised in satellite connectivity, announces a fundraising of $3.1M closed in only 3 weeks, just months after its creation.

This funding round was supported by a pool of investors, including the pan-European fund Heartcore Capital, Kima Ventures, Better Angle, and BPI France, alongside well-known entrepreneurs like Thibaud Elziere (e-founders, Hexa) and Yohann Leroy (CEO of Maia Space). This initial funding will enable Skynopy to develop its turnkey connectivity service for LEO satellite operators, addressing the growing needs of the rapidly expanding space industry.

Imagine, when sending a video with your phone, having to locate the nearest antenna, orient your smartphone towards the antenna, define and adjust the radio settings, including modulations and protocols, and then being charged per minute of antenna use for this service. This is the technical and commercial complexity that all satellite operators currently face when downloading a picture or video taken by a satellite. Skynopy aims to solve this complexity.

Founded in October 2023 by Pierre Bertrand and Antonin Hirsch, former directors of Loft Orbital, Skynopy has an ambition: to bring the simplicity of mobile phone connectivity to low-orbit satellites and constellation sector, thanks to a unique business model and key interface technologies.

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