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Siradel receives Smart 50 Award at Smart Cities Connect

By Eric Van Rees - 16th November 2020 - 07:32

Siradel received a Smart 50 Award for its transformative work in providing the greater Paris region a 3D Digital Twin with over 12,000, 2.5M buildings, 12M residents and 10,000+ datasets and several unique services, such as My Solar Potential, Smart Implantation, COVID-19 solutions, Rush Hour Leveling and My Nature.

In addition, Siradel moderated and participated in an excellent Smart Cities Connect panel “Enabling Intelligent, Cross-Vertical Simulation, 3D Visualization and Decision-Making on a Smart City Digital Twin and Big Data Platform” that presented information regarding how combining cities 3D Digital Twins and Smart City platforms can help cities in their intelligent urban planning, decision-making and risk management processes.

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