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Simera Sense is extending its global reach by opening an optical payload development hub in Toulouse

By Eric Van Rees - 24th June 2024 - 06:54

Simera Sense, the frontrunner in end-to-end optical solutions for smaller satellites with headquarters in Belgium, is strengthening its global presence by opening an office in Toulouse, France.

This move is a testament to its growth strategy, bolstered by the €13.5million funding secured in an investment round earlier this year.

The company already has 19 optical payloads in space and another 43 delivered and ready for launch to customers worldwide. Many of these clients are European-based, including Loft Orbital, Prométhée Earth Intelligence, AAC Clyde Space, Open Cosmos, OHB Systems AG, and many others. This rapid growth and demand for Simera Sense’s optical payloads necessitate expanding its development and production capacity.

Toulouse, strategically selected for its position within the aerospace ecosystem, will be the home of the new facility. This facility, an R&D engineering and production hub, will not only service the existing client pool in France and the rest of Europe but also contribute to developing High- to Very High-resolution optical payloads for Earth Observation.

France, renowned for its space program and expertise in space manufacturing, offers a rich talent pool that Simera Sense recognises and aims to tap into for its continued success. Furthermore, the new Simera Sense France engineering facility is a testament to our commitment to the French NewSpace ecosystem, contributing through job creation and the development of expertise in space-based optical payloads.

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