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SimActive Used for 3D Mapping from Oblique Cameras

By Eric Van Rees - 20th February 2024 - 08:59

SimActive, a developer of photogrammetry software, announces the use of its Correlator3D product with multi-camera drone payloads for improved 3D mapping.

The software allows users to import oblique and nadir camera configurations to develop better 3D mapping products.

Multi-camera payloads on drones, such as the Oblique D2M from Quantum-Systems, are enabling drone mappers to texturize the sides of buildings and infrastructures. Correlator3D’s project setup and aerial triangulation modules take the guesswork out of importing these complex multi-camera configurations.

“Our customers are capturing 5 times the number of images as would be acquired with a traditional single camera setup, which requires robust processing software”, said Robert Leake, Head of commercial sales at Quantum-Systems. “SimActive is proven to process large datasets rapidly, and this is key when capturing multi-camera data for better 3D maps.”

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