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SimActive Software Used to Accelerate Corridor Mapping

By Eric Van Rees - 22nd March 2023 - 08:32

SimActive, a developer of photogrammetry software, announces the use of its distributed processing capabilities by Sharper Shape to complete statewide utility corridor base maps.

Last year, over eight million images were ingested in SimActive’s Correlator3D software to generate orthomosaics and colorized point clouds.

Hosted on an Amazon cloud environment, Correlator3D allowed the acquisition teams to rapidly process thousands of images per day over a network of virtual machines. The resulting map products covered more than 34,000 miles of utility corridor and were imported into Sharper Shape’s AI tools to extract infrastructure information.

“The quantity of data that we capture to feed our AI tools for utility infrastructure deliverables is incredible and comes from various geographical locations at the same time”, said Petri Rauhakallio, Vice President of Business Development at Sharper Shape. “Correlator3D allows our teams to easily import and process massive amounts of imagery for use in our digital twin production.”

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