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SimActive Introduces Cloud Sharing and Reflectance Calibration with New Version 8.5

By Eric Van Rees - 9th June 2020 - 06:18

SimActive, a developer of photogrammetry software, announces the release of Correlator3D version 8.5.

The new version allows users to share and visualize projects in the cloud. It also features new tools for the calibration and processing of multispectral imagery.

Specifically, results can be exported to the cloud directly from the software interface, and shareable links are automatically created for online visualization. Moreover, calibrated reflectance panels and sun sensors can be used to produce reflectance maps, with multispectral bands perfectly registered.

“Our software attracts a variety of clients, with a wide range of needs”, said Louis Simard, CTO at SimActive. “This new version brings advantages to customers having data exploitation requirements such as online viewing, and to users processing imagery from highly sophisticated sensors.”

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