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SimActive further Accelerates Processing with New Version 8.4

By Eric Van Rees - 14th January 2020 - 05:55

SimActive, a developer of photogrammetry software, announces the release of Correlator3D version 8.4 with significant accelerations. The new version leads to speeds that are multiple times faster compared to previous releases.

Correlator3D 8.4 allows a dynamic allocation of hardware resources, reducing potential bottlenecks from PC components. For example, solid states drives (SSD) are used more efficiently by the software, as well as additional CPU cores and extra RAM.

“While we were already way ahead with our processing speeds, version 8.4 further increases our advance”, said Louis Simard, CTO at SimActive. “Time is of the essence for our clients, and any gain gives them a definitive competitive advantage.”

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