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Silicon Sensing brings latest inertial technology to Space Tech Expo, Europe

By Eric Van Rees - 26th October 2022 - 05:31

Silicon Sensing joins almost 500 exhibitors at Space Tech Expo, Europe, next month where the company will be promoting high performance inertial measurement products focused on the small satellite and CubeSat markets.

Darioosh Naderi, Head of Business Development at Silicon Sensing comments: “This is a hugely dynamic sector with many opportunities for products, such as ours, that can deliver sustained performance in a compact, low power consumption package. We are excited to return to this ever-growing event and look forward to discussing new applications and opportunities for our latest inertial sensors and systems.”

Showcased at Space Tech Expo will be:

The highest performing silicon micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) inertial measurement unit (IMU) on the market today. The DMU41 is a compact, low power consumption, 9 degrees of freedom (DoF), IMU.

An IMU created for high impact and vibration environments, such as satellite launch vehicles. The IMU20 is a 6 DoF IMU offering excellent dynamic range in a highly ruggedised package.

A miniature, single axis, stand-alone gyro delivering precise performance that is stable over time and temperature. The CRH03 is lightweight and rugged with low power consumption.

A family of rugged and compact accelerometers. The Gemini family are high performance, integrated MEMS units proving dual axis linear acceleration measurement.

A tiny, low-cost combi-sensor. The CMS300 is a single axis gyro and dual-axis, low-g accelerometer that offers class-leading performance.

All these non-ITAR products are based around Silicon Sensing’s unique, proven resonating ring gyroscopes and market-leading accelerometers. All deliver excellent angle random walk, bias instability and low noise performance combined with high shock survivability. Each can be tailored to meet specific performance requirements and operational needs - and most are available as either an OEM or packaged unit.

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