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SIBUR & G-Core Labs launched a universal AR service for the remote maintenance and repair of industrial equipment

By Eric Van Rees - 27th July 2020 - 06:31

SIBUR has launched a universal AR service for remotely maintaining and repairing industrial equipment that will help save millions of dollars per year.

Based on a unique IT platform of their own design, the service will replace face-to-face visits of service company specialists and internal holding experts with video consultations using augmented reality glasses. This project was implemented in partnership with G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions.

SIBUR specialists first tested remote servicing technology with the help of AR glasses in 2018 by using several solutions available on the market. That’s when basic scenarios for applying such technology were identified and the economic effect of its implementation was predicted. Once they were sure that such a project was feasible and implementable from a technical standpoint, the specialists began preparations for implementation at holding enterprises, which included the development of their own IT platform. SIBUR production facilities in the city of Tobolsk became the testing grounds.

“Our AR service is easy to use and includes two large key components: RealWear and Epson augmented reality glasses with pre-installed Android applications developed in collaboration with G-Core Labs and integrated with SIBUR’s own mobile media platform. This platform allows you to fully digitize the entire maintenance and repair process by organizing HD broadcasts in WebRTC format and creating a full-fledged communication platform for effective on-site specialist interactions with a remote expert. Everything is voice-controlled, freeing the hands of the person to work with the equipment”, - says Alexander Leus, Head of SIBUR Industry 4.0 practice.

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