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Sercel Wins Second Saudi Mega-Crew Equipment Contract

By Eric Van Rees - 15th December 2020 - 08:35

CGG announced that Sercel has won a second major contract to supply land seismic equipment to a leading seismic acquisition contractor for a 3D mega-crew survey in Saudi Arabia.

It has also won a smaller contract to equip a 2D survey to be conducted by the same contractor. These two new contracts closely follow the recently announced award to Sercel of a similar large-scale contract to equip a separate Saudi 3D mega-crew survey.

The new 3D contract includes a Sercel 508XT seismic acquisition system of over 60,000 channels equipped with strings of SG-10 geophones, and a fleet of over 30 Nomad 65 Neo all-terrain vibrator trucks with a full VE464 advanced vibrator electronics package. The equipment will be deployed from March onwards on the desert survey that is scheduled to last three years.

Emmanuelle Dubu, CEO, Sercel, said: “The award of this second mega-crew equipment contract in Saudi Arabia significantly strengthens Sercel’s already well-established position in the Middle East. Our equipment was selected for this contract on the strength of our long-term commercial relationship with the client and the proven reliability of our high-performance seismic equipment for these challenging land surveys acquired by highly productive crews.”

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