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Sepura Launch SmartView, Combining Indoor and Outdoor Location Reporting

By Eric Van Rees - 21st October 2021 - 06:46

Sepura have added to their portfolio of powerful AppSPACE applications for mission critical organisations with SmartView, a unique application that allows team leaders to get a real time view of their team’s indoor or outdoor location.

The application will provide a significant operational advantage to organisations operating complex sites such as airports, utilities plants and sports stadiums, as well as those working in public safety.

The application uses GPS positioning to visualise outdoor positions, and supplements this by reporting indoor location using either Bluetooth beacons or from Wi-Fi access points. By combining both technologies in an efficient solution, SmartView enables team leaders to instantly see where their staff are located and how they can best be deployed to respond to everyday tasks or emergency situations.

The application can be deployed in sites with complex infrastructure such as airports, underground mining facilities or chemical processing plants, where staff may be working in underground tunnels or car parks, maintenance facilities or emergency rooms out of reach of a GPS signal. By using SmartView, these workers could still quickly be located in an emergency or efficiently redeployed based on changing resource requirements.

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