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Septentrio teams with MicroPilot, bringing top-performance GNSS positioning to UAVs

By Eric Van Rees - 26th April 2022 - 08:12

This collaboration ensures smooth and easy integration of high-accuracy GPS/GNSS positioning and professional-level autopilots into control systems where safety and reliability matter.

Septentrio, a provider of high-precision GNSS positioning solutions, announces a collaboration with MicroPilot, a provider of professional UAV autopilots. Septentrio receivers, including the small-form-factor mosaic modules, as well as the OEM board AsteRx-m3 will support seamless integration of positioning and orientation into MicroPilot’s autopilot ecosystem. Septentrio GPS receivers are known for resilience to radio interference such as jamming and spoofing, and add value to UAV applications by bringing security and robustness to high-accuracy RTK positioning.

“Adopting new and resilient technology in UAVs is vital, and we want to ensure a smooth integration process into professional drone systems,” commented Gustavo Lopez, Senior Market Access Manager at Septentrio. “We are very excited about the strong collaboration between Septentrio and MicroPilot, which now provides new alternatives to drone companies looking for safe and reliable flight operations.”

In addition to developing autopilots, MicroPilot provides supporting software and services that enable customers to use development time more efficiently, reducing time-to-market. "Working closely with Septentrio gives MicroPilot the ability to better leverage resilient and robust GNSS technologies strengthening our offering to the professional UAV market for safe and reliable flight control," commented Howard Loewen, President of MicroPilot.

Self-interference or self-jamming is a common occurrence in UAVs, where devices such as cameras, servos or antennas, which emit electromagnetic radiation, are located close to the GPS receiver. Incorporating GNSS technology, which is resilient to jamming and spoofing, in combination with reliable professional-level autopilots is key to safe and secure flight navigation. For more information about Septentrio UAV products contact the Septentrio team.

Septentrio teams with MicroPilot

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