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Septentrio GPS/GNSS now supports PX4 Autopilot

By Eric Van Rees - 27th June 2022 - 06:12

Septentrio, a provider of high-precision GNSS positioning solutions, announces compatibility of their single and dual antenna AsteRx-m3 and mosaic receivers with PX4 Autopilot, opening the door to reliable and resilient RTK positioning for UAVs.

PX4 Autopilot is one of the largest commercially adopted open-source navigation control stacks, enabling an innovative community to build and maintain drone hardware and software in a scalable way. Drones and robots, which operate autonomously or where a high level of safety is required, now benefit from Septentrio’s accurate positioning receivers known to be secure against GPS jamming and spoofing** with built-in AIM+ Advanced Interference Mitigation technology. On June 23rd in Austin, Texas at the PX4 Developer Summit hosted by Dronecode Foundation, Septentrio is conducting a talk explaining GPS jamming and spoofing threats and presenting the latest solutions suitable for technologies with PX4 Autopilot.

“Our developer community is looking forward to integrating Septentrio’s secure GNSS positioning technology into UAVs and robots, especially in those applications where reliability matters from mapping to surveillance and delivery. Septentrio’s presence and talk at the PX4 Developer’s Summit will be an opportunity for developers and integrators to connect with Septentrio and to learn about the latest high-accuracy positioning tech for the PX4 ecosystem,” commented Ramon Roche, General Manager, Dronecode Foundation.

“Septentrio has had a fantastic collaboration momentum with Dronecode and the larger PX4 community during the integration of Septentrio receivers into the PX4 Autopilot ecosystem,” said Gustavo Lopez, Market Access Manager at Septentrio. “This collaboration is important because it brings resilient and secure GPS technology to the UAV industry, with tremendous potential in terms of assured positioning and improved safety.”

PX4 is supported by Septentrio’s GNSS boards and modules with both single antenna and dual antenna configurations, which offer either heading and pitch or heading and roll angles on top of accurate GNSS positioning.

Since concerns for GPS jamming and spoofing threats are on the rise, Septentrio will showcase the value of integrating jamming and spoofing flags into autopilots at the PX4 Developer Summit in Austin. The Septentrio PX4 driver is already freely available on the GitHub. For more information about PX4 integration of Septentrio mosaic and AsteRx-m3 receivers, reliable GPS solutions for UAVs or other Septentrio products please contact the Septentrio team.

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