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SecureForce Targets Fleet Safety Improvements With Inseego’s AI Dashcam

By Eric Van Rees - 28th March 2023 - 05:40

SecureForce UK, a mobile and manned security specialist, has adopted an AI dashcam solution from Inseego with the aim of improving road safety, reducing operational costs and mitigating fleet risk.

The intelligent vehicle cameras have been installed on the company’s fleet of vans that are operated by a team of security officers across Devon, Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

SecureForce was previously using a vehicle tracking system – combined with forward-facing cameras in some vans – which no longer met its operational needs. The company was looking for a video telematics solution that could deliver fleet visibility, incident detection, video capture and driver behaviour monitoring. Following a review of the marketplace, SecureForce opted for Inseego’s AI vehicle cameras based on the affordability and functionality of the technology.

The Inseego devices combine forward-and driver-facing technology, using machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV and AI). The forward-facing camera captures footage of the road ahead, while the driver-facing lens provides added insight of distraction within the vehicle such as mobile device use, eating and drinking, and eyes off the road. The MV-and AI-capabilities combine to identify and assess risk in and out of the vehicle, so the driver can be notified of issues and footage uploaded to the cloud for review by the fleet manager.

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