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SCISYS Launches Location-Based services toolkit

By [email protected] - 20th November 2018 - 08:00

SCISYS Launches Cartosys, an Alternative Approach to Discovering Creating and Sharing Location-Based Data, Maps and Apps -- Cartosys will be demoed at GeoDATA 2018, Thurs 29 November 2018, ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1UD
  • Non-technical, non-specialist users can easily discover, create and share location-based data, maps and apps
  • Browser-based, easy to deploy and configure ‘out-of-the-box’
  • Comprehensive, modular, location-based services toolkit
  • Built on open standards with open APIs
  • Powerful integration with existing location-based technologies

Chippenham, Wiltshire: 20 November, 2018: SCISYS UK Ltd (SCISYS) has today launched its location-based services toolkit, Cartosys, SCISYS designed the Cartosys software to drive the deployment and take-up of location-based services by offering a new approach to how organisations discover, create and share location-based data, maps and apps. SCISYS is a supplier of specialist software systems, solutions and support services to the government, defence, utilities, transport, telecoms, media & broadcast and space sectors.

“Cartosys, our location-based services toolkit, delivered through a web-browser, provides a cost- effective, alternative approach for those organisations looking to fully utilise their existing location-based data,” said Andy Whitehead, Divisional Director, Enterprise Solutions and Defence Division for SCISYS UK Ltd.

“Historically organisations had two options: deploy traditional proprietary software, potentially locking them into one vendor; or make large investments in implementing and integrating disparate software solutions, which is a resource-, time- and cost-hungry route.”

The Cartosys toolkit, built on open standards, integrates proven OSGeo tools (GeoNode, GeoServer, Tile Cache, GeoGig, PostGIS) into a single out-of-the-box solution that is quick and easy to deploy, configure and manage, without the need for software coding.

“Cartosys delivers all of the essential tools an organisation needs to successfully deploy location-based services. All the tools fit together, just as if they were the coloured building blocks most of us played with as children,” said Whitehead.

Browser-based Cartosys streamlines processes and tasks to deliver self-service functionality, putting power at the fingertips of non-technical, non-specialist users and - importantly - customers. Both can quickly and easily discover, create and share location-based data, maps and apps within and outside their organisation.

“Cartosys’ flexibility and open architecture enabled us to quickly and easily build a Distributed Generation (DG) Mapping Tool, allowing our customers to determine from our green, amber and red colour-coded substations, where it would be most easy and cost effective for them to connect to our electricity network,” said Steve Halsey, Distributed Energy Resources Development Manager for UK Power Networks.

UK Power Networks owns and maintains the overhead lines, underground cables and substations distributing electricity to 8.3 million customers across the East of England, London and the South East.

“We have now further developed how we deploy Cartosys, enabling us to monitor our entire customer enquiry process covering all requests for – and confirmation of – connections to our networks,” added Halsey.

“The way energy is generated, distributed and used is rapidly changing. The flexibility and scalability of the Cartosys toolkit is one way to help us ensure that we continue to offer what our customers need.”

SCISYS is the first UK-based software provider to build a location-based toolkit using GeoNode.

Taking full advantage of GeoNode’s open architecture, the Cartosys toolkit provides as standard easily configurable modules: Cartosys Manage, Cartosys Edit, Cartosys Catalogue, Cartosys Maps, Cartosys Apps, Cartosys Mobile, Cartosys Report, Cartosys Share and Cartosys Security.

Organisations can choose which modules they need to deploy, without having to pay for the ‘bells and whistles’ they might not initially implement.

A key feature of the new Cartosys toolkit approach is the use of open APIs, which allows organisations to develop their own custom-built modules to meet individual needs.

“Integration capability is another important Cartosys strength. As well as integrating all of the best open-source tools, it integrates with an organisation’s existing location-based technologies, eliminating interoperability issues,” added Whitehead.

“Deploying Cartosys does not mean that your existing GIS systems become redundant.”

Offered as a Managed Service, Cartosys is providing the GIS community with a proven alternative around how they discover, create and share location-based data, maps and apps. It is an alternative that is based on open standards and is cloud-based, scalable, extensible, easy to use, flexible and secure.

“Most importantly, Cartosys increases productivity by speeding up the deployment of location-based services. Once deployed, those services are easier to use and consume, freeing up organisations to do what they want with their data without having to worry about the ‘how’ they do what they want,” concluded Whitehead.

NB: As well as demonstrating the features and functionality of Cartosys on its stand at GeoDATA 2018, Pascal Coulon, Senior Technical Architect at SCISYS, will be speaking at 10:10 in the Fulbourn Suite. His presentation is entitled ‘Child's Play: Building open geospatial architectures, what can we learn from our kids?’

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