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Scientific-grade GNSS with Real Time Kinematic Satellite Navigation

By [email protected] - 29th November 2017 - 10:13

1st Rugged Tablet with Scientific-grade GNSS with Real Time Kinematic Satellite Navigatio

On Dec 4th, DT Research will introduce the first purpose-built rugged tablet with built-in Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation used to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems.

The lightweight military-grade tablet is purpose-built for GIS mapping applications such as Forensic Mapping, Land Surveying, e-Construction and Building Information Modeling – with the versatility to be used in the field, vehicle and office.

GIS Software Compatible - The device is compatible with existing GIS software for mapping applications and brings together the advanced workflow for GIS data capture, accurate positioning and data transmitting.

Scientific-grade Precision – Users can create 3D Point Clouds with centimeter-level accuracy – meeting the highest precision standards required for scientific-grade evidence in court.

Forensic Mapping - When reconstructing a crime scene, crash scene or natural disaster - forensic mapping needs to have scientific-grade precision in order to stand up as evidence in court. As more drones are being used for mapping, there is a growing need for ground control positioning devices. By using DT Research’s new tablet in combination with a drone, users can more quickly and cost-effectively create a simulation model to deliver an accurate representation of the scene with scientific-grade tolerance that will hold up in a court of law.

Land Surveying – Surveyors can use the tablet to measure the altitudes, angles and distances on the land surface so that they can be accurately plotted on a map to determine property boundaries, construction layout and mapmaking.

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