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Schneider Electric Releases First Edition of Fiber Manager XI and Latest Versions of ArcFM Designer XI and ArcFM Editor XI

By Eric Van Rees - 15th July 2022 - 06:46

Schneider Electric, the global provider in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the first edition of Fiber Manager XI, as well as the releases of ArcFM Designer 11.4.1 and ArcFM Editor 11.4.1. As part of the ArcFM Solution XI Series, the three releases provide an array of new capabilities that will enhance efficiency and simplicity for users.

“The updated suite of ArcFM applications allows users to document their comm network effectively and efficiently and then to query to make business decisions, all based on the Utility Network,” Jay Stinson, Vice President, Digital Grid, said. “Maintaining high-quality, useful fidelity data and the best system of record by digitizing asset lifecycles will prove invaluable for users.”

The first release of Fiber Manager XI is built on ArcGIS Pro, powered by the Utility Network and extends ArcFM Editor XI to meet today’s challenges of scale, data quality, network analysis and visualization. The application comes packed with numerous functionalities including:

· Connection management

· Data authoring and editing with fiber favorites

· Fiber tracing and OTDR tracing

· Fiber cable association with ducts.

“Having a Fiber Manager that is now built into ArcGIS Pro and supporting the Utility Network will be a game changer that optimizes convenience and workflow.” Stinson said. “As a bonus, the ArcFM Solution XI Series can help reduce backlogs through the digital lifecycle. It provides better alignment with today’s modern workflows for design and construction, helping mobilize the utility workforce. There is a full ecosystem of technology to support the Utility Network.”

ArcFM Editor 11.4.1 delivers value to editors through faster searching, easier editing and the ability to move complex data structures like transformer banks. The application has new data models with an operational focus, making it simpler to integrate to systems like an ADMS, and it focuses on richer data sets with better usability for containment and associations.

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