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Schneider Electric Expands Electric, Gas And Water Features

By [email protected] - 23rd October 2018 - 17:39

Schneider Electric Expands Electric, Gas And Water Features Of ARCFM Editor XI -- More functionality and productivity tools make GIS editors’ work simpler and faster

Fort Collins, Colo., October 23, 2018–Schneider Electric, the industry leader in Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions for utilities and communication providers, announced the addition of functionality and tools for gas, water and electric utility users of its ArcFM Editor XI. ArcFM Editor XI, released earlier this year, provides increased productivity, data validation, network analysis and enhanced editing tools for GIS editors. It is the world’s first Esri partner solution built on the Utility Network Management Extension.

With these new features and capabilities, GIS editors can derive even more value from ArcFM Editor XI, making their work more productive. The new and expanded features include:

  • Map Corrections, a new feature that includes all the tools necessary to load a redline from the field. These redlines, created by ArcFM Mobile, can be brought into ArcFM Editor XI to support map corrections.
  • Visual editing, which gives users a focused and interactive tool for operating gas and water valves and open/close single or multiple phases for operable electric devices.
  • Water tracing capabilities, including a full system trace and an isolation trace.
  • More options for gas tracing, including the option to run an isolation trace and the capability to adhere and place squeeze-offs.
  • Support for Water networks has been added to Network Management, a single tool that searches and highlights a network, finds its source and provides relevant information via configured summaries.

Built specifically in ArcGIS Pro and for Esri’s Utility Network Management Extension, ArcFM Editor XI is the cornerstone of the ArcFM Solution XI Series, an ecosystem of applications focused on streamlining the design and construction workflow enabling utilities to get work done more efficiently. ArcFM Designer XI, ArcFM Web XI and ArcFM Mobile XI fill out the rest of the ecosystem offering the most comprehensive utility GIS solution available today, resulting in streamlined workflows, minimized use of paper and a reduced work backlog equipping utilities to address the challenges facing today’s digital utility.

“We continue to expand Editor XI to meet the needs of our electric, gas and water customers, all with the purpose of delivering immediate value now while preparing them for the Utility Network,” said Jay Stinson, general manager at Schneider Electric. “Organizations are reimagining what it means to use and manage GIS data, and ArcFM Editor XI will support their transformation, no matter the timeline or budget.”

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