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Schneider Electric Announces New Features for ArcFM Editor XI

By Eric Van Rees - 21st July 2021 - 07:26

Schneider Electric announced the release of ArcFM Editor 11.3, the latest update to ArcFM Editor XI built specifically in ArcGIS Pro and for Esri’s Utility Network.

This latest release of ArcFM Editor XI provides new ways for an overall efficient and better editing experience, most notably with the addition of Conduit Manager XI for the Utility Network. Users can easily create and manage dense underground networks and facilities like vaults, manholes, ducts in 3D while adhering to all network rules. Other new features and capabilities include:

• A simple and intuitive duct layout editor to create, assign, modify and align ducts on walls in 3D.

• Cross-sectional duct information that can be shared and traced across the organization.

• Instant knowledge if a duct is available or occupied, as well as the shape and material of the duct.

• Seamlessly add contents to ducts, such as any electrical conductor.

• Mass duct creation to save time and complexity.

• Instant 3D editing feedback for clarity and visual aid.

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