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Save time and speed up image processing & analysis

By GeoConnexion - 9th September 2020 - 08:08

ENVI® image analysis software is used by GIS professionals, remote sensing scientists and image analysts to extract meaningful information from imagery to make better decisions.

With the introduction of ENVI Server as part of ENVI 5.6, it is now easier than ever to distribute processing using ENVI's powerful tools. This can help you save time, fully utilize existing hardware and easily distribute processing to local servers, all without needing to code!

Join this 30-minute webinar, Save Time and Speed Up Image Processing and Analysis with ENVI Server, for an in-depth overview of ENVI Server and how it can be used to manage and run processing for on-premises and enterprise applications.

We will show live demos and cover some of the many use cases that make ENVI Server one of the most exciting additions to ENVI.


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