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Saber Skid Analysis Software Drives Safer Road Planning

By [email protected] - 6th November 2018 - 15:09

Saber, the highway condition and inventory specialist, has developed new skid analysis software to help reduce the risk of road traffic accidents.

The map-based software analyses data collected by Saber’s fleet of specialist road survey vehicles that measure levels of skid resistance in wet conditions.

Called SKIDAnalyser and provided online as a Software-as-Service, the system is an industry-first development that uses Google Maps to display data spatially and includes a tablet app for site investigations.

Saber’s SKIDAnalyser is part of a suite of software tools for managing highway survey data. Through rapid cloud data processing and communication, raw data from surveys becomes available within days of collection, alerting highway authorities to road surfaces that need urgent remedial work to improve road safety.

“At Saber, our focus is to make it easier for highway authorities to do their job by providing easy-to-use tools that speed up workflows and improve efficiency,” says Steve Batchelor, MD of Saber. “This latest development means that skid risk data becomes available not only much more quickly, but it is presented in a visual, easy to understand way. This allows decisions to be made more quickly and with greater confidence.”

SKIDAnalyser incorporates a range of useful features which provide a greater insight into the road surface condition, allowing analysis of raw data including data from below investigatory levels. Accident data can be overlain and historical data shown allowing year by year comparison. The handy tablet app allows data to be accessed and viewed during site investigations.

“We wanted to produce a truly useful tool that would go beyond the call of duty and allow a new level of data analysis, but at the same time make the whole process quicker and easier,” adds Batchelor.


Steve Batchelor, +44 (0)1243 756183, [email protected]

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