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Rob Rainhart Named President of HawkEye 360

By Eric Van Rees - 15th September 2023 - 06:58

HawkEye 360, a defense technology company for space-based radio frequency (RF) data and analytics, announced the appointment of Rob Rainhart as the company's President, effective immediately

He will step into this role after serving as Chief Operating Officer since 2019.

As President, Rainhart will guide the company through the rapidly growing market of RF data and analytics. He will also oversee HawkEye 360's programs, products, technology, and human resources at an even greater capacity. Rainhart has been involved in technical leadership for more than a decade and has more than 20 years of experience in engineering complex systems and leading teams developing software, firmware, and hardware.

"It is an honor to be appointed President of HawkEye 360, where I have borne witness to year-over-year growth and incredible innovations in our technology and service offerings," said Rainhart. "I am humbled to serve alongside HawkEye 360's talented, mission-focused team, who remain dedicated to making the world a safer place through advanced RF analytics – whether on land, sea, or sky."

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