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Ringway Jacobs to enhance lone worker employees’ safety with video-enabled service for fleet operation

By Eric Van Rees - 25th June 2021 - 05:41

Ringway Jacobs, a highway services provider, has become the first UK fleet operation to adopt a video-enabled lone worker service that is designed to better safeguard drivers operating in the field.

Ringway Jacobs’ H&S and Fleet departments teamed up with Peoplesafe and SureCam to roll-out the integrated safety solution, by using a mobile phone app that enables the benefits of lone worker protection with those of video telematics.

David Bonehill, Head of Fleet at Ringway Jacobs said, “Health, wellbeing and safety is at the heart of everything we do, so our aim is to provide a safe working environment for our employees at all times. We are committed to adopting industry best practice technology and processes, which is why we are rolling out the video-enabled lone worker service. This latest initiative, developed with our valued partners at Peoplesafe and SureCam, will not only increase compliance of our lone worker processes, but also extend and enhance the levels of protection we provide to drivers in and out of the vehicle.”

Ringway Jacobs has been using Peoplesafe’s lone worker protection service since 2016, providing peace of mind to 300 employees that assistance is available, should they need it. The company is now taking advantage of a strategic partnership between Peoplesafe and SureCam to integrate the service with dual-facing, connected dash cams fitted on 163 vans and specialist vehicles last year. This will enable footage to be viewed direct from the cameras fitted on the vehicles in the event of an alarm being raised.

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