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RIEGL Webinar Announcement: An Amazing LiDAR Expedition to Alcatraz – Through the Eyes of RIEGL Technology

By Eric Van Rees - 24th April 2024 - 05:21

Register today to learn more about this amazing LiDAR expedition to Alcatraz – through the eyes of RIEGL technology. Join Pete Kelsey, Tan Nguyen and Bryan Menedez on May 23rd from 3-4PM (EDT) highlighting this collection of this historic landmark.

On this webinar you will learn how the team painted the picture of their experience on site at Alcatraz and share some fun experiences along with technical aspects of the data that was captured and processed.

Webinar Date: May 23rd from 3-4PM (EDT)


*Brief history and current condition of Alcatraz
*Project scope and overall mission
*Preservation Goals and Future Tourism Potential
*Overview of technologies used and collaboration between project participants
*VZ-600i Terrestrial Scans of the interior of the prison
*VZ-2000i Terrestrial long-range scans of the exterior of the premises
*Data processing and merging of the various data sets for one complete deliverable
*Fun tales of the RIEGL team staying overnight and being “locked up”
*Q & A


Pete Kelsey: Owner of VCTO Labs

Pete Kelsey spent over 25 years in the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry specializing in civil engineering, land surveying, and remote sensing technology. He has led strategic projects all over the world documenting historic, cultural, archaeological sites and artifacts including the moai of Easter Island, the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, and now Alcatraz using reality capture / digital twin technology.

Tan Nguyen: Terrestrial Division Manager at RIEGL USA

Tan Nguyen graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A.S.A. In Business. He has obtained a vast array of experience in Sales, applications, and business development, focusing on the advancement in technology within the LiDAR industry and expansion of the terrestrial focused market. He has been with RIEGL USA for over 15yrs, and is the Division Manager of Terrestrial Laser Scanning, where he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise within systems and software processing for data collection.

Bryan Menendez: Public Safety & Forensics Engineer at RIEGL USA

Bryan has a Bachelor’s of Computer & Electrical Engineering from Valencia College with expertise in terrestrial, mobile and UAV-based laser scanning. In his past 2 years at RIEGL USA he has focused his attention on support, service, and sales, with a more recent specialization in the Public Safety & Forensics segment.

Register Now:

An Amazing LiDAR Expedition to Alcatraz – Through the Eyes of RIEGL Technology Webinar

More Information - The RIEGL team recently embarked on a project in collaboration with VCTO Labs to scan one of the most infamously historic landmarks in the U.S., Alcatraz Prison. Having been decommissioned over 60yrs ago, this former maximum-security penitentiary used to be home to characters such as Al “Scarface” Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly, to name a few. Located on Alcatraz Island 1.25 miles off of the coast of San Francisco, this landmark has become quite decayed and a shell of what it once was. Due to its historical presence and tourism potential, a proper 3D skeleton needed to be obtained to really understand the structural integrity of the site. This is where Pete Kelsey of VCTO Labs formed quite an ambitious project to bring together various names in the geospatial industry to get the most detailed blueprint possible of the prison grounds and buildings.

Riegl Alcatraz 1200

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