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RIEGL VMX-2HA Mobile Mapping System in Use for greehill Urban Forest Car

By Eric Van Rees - 1st March 2022 - 09:37

greehill recently published a video on their latest project, the collection of data for urban tree mapping utilizing a RIEGL VMX-2HA mounted to their “greeHill Urban Forest Car”.

The RIEGL VMX-2HA is a high speed, high performance dual scanner mobile mapping system which provides dense, accurate, and feature-rich data at highway speeds. greehill’s VMX-2HA is equipped with a RIEGL camera system including a spherical camera to complement LiDAR data with precisely geo-referenced images. The system provides the latest LiDAR technology from RIEGL for efficient mapping, especially of urban environments.

Learn how the greehill car captures high resolution point clouds and images of city environments. This vehicle travels with the normal flow of traffic to map and monitor every tree in an urban forest, providing the data to create healthier, safer, and more resilient cities. Once trees are identified in an urban environment they can be recorded in the Urban Forest Database where these insights influence future investments in greenery.

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Greehill Riegl

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