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Riegl Usa Construction Update Website, Ultimatelidar.Com, Is Live

By Eric Van Rees - 1st July 2020 - 06:59

A new website to document the ongoing construction project process of the new North American office, is now live.

Visit us at and follow us over the upcoming months to see our construction site evolving as we prepare to move our team later this year!

Our construction company, DPR, as well as RIEGL USA team members are using the latest RIEGL LiDAR equipment on-site throughout the construction process of the building. The RIEGL technologies being used on this project support quality assurance and quality control, resulting in more accurate and time- saving deliverables for the field.

On this website, you will find out how RIEGL’s state-of-the-art-instruments can aid the construction process, video and photo updates from the site, videos of key milestones, and much more.

Over time we will be adding more content such as:

*Wide area mapping / overview of the surrounding areas of the construction site using RIEGL high altitude airborne LiDAR
*Data fusion of terrestrial, mobiles, unmanned, and airborne laser scan data sets for an extremely comprehensive LiDAR data set of the area
*RIEGL LiDAR scan data acquired by a brand new acquisition platform … stay tuned for more info!

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